Saturday, June 20, 2009

Around English-speaking Countries...Ireland

The teams were to work together and fulfill five tasks, based on our lessons “Ireland through Music”: Crying Cockles and Mussels and Travelling with Irish Songs.
In some teams their counselors organized the work successfully, though they didn’t attend my lessons, but they asked questions and the campers explained to them what they remembered after my lessons.

In some teams ( Yellow Submarine and Blue Team) the campers managed to do everything by themselves.
Green (Irish Emerald) surprised me by their Gaelic greeting Fáilte!
Among the song characters Molly Malone was Number One. The Wild Colonial Boy was Number Two. That’s why, most teams mimed their meeting. Orange Canada Cheetos remembered the lucky immigrant from Dear Old Donegal.

Red Team received the highest marks in this ‘Irish’ contest.

The tasks were performed in different ways. Look through my Photo Album!
All the teams were accompanied by our guest teachers, sometimes being outnumbered by the guests. The teachers were enthusiastic like our campers, some gave some advice.
Everybody did their best!

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