Friday, June 12, 2009

D...P...S... a Peter Weir Film

Tomorrow it is Cinema Day. The Summer Camp will be watching the American film.

These words and phrases are the key ones to understand the ideas.

Look up in the dictionary below.

four pillars of…
replacement disappoint roommate homework assignment
invincible to be destined rip off passion
may contribute a verse encourage old annual
sorrow stop chattering = shut up
tired exhausted morose
Strive to find your own voice
Desperation Compose your own poem Good effort
Revelation Worthless Embarrassing
Maintain own beliefs Your own walk
Guilty person Avoid expulsion
Unauthorized methods of Courtyard clapping in unison
Time for caution
Deliberately deceive sacrifice Distract from…
Dutiful son a whim Promise Swear
Infuriating Opportunities
Trustees A scapegoat Expelled
Victim Responsible A source of inspiration reckless

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