Monday, June 29, 2009

Debate "How to Make the Summer Camp a Success?"

Our manager Bossia organized this debate as a valuable feedback on effectiveness of the camp work.
At first the campers, counselors and teachers were given three pieces of paper: 'blue' denoted 'yes', 'pink' - 'no' and 'yellow' - 'not sure'.Bossia and Mike were reading some statements and everybody raised the card with their answer.
During the second part two leaders were chosen inside each team and the discussion started.
The counselors and teachers made a separate group.

Then those leaders reported on the group's suggestions. "Invite exchange students from English-speaking countries", "Going outside to the park", "20-minute Lessons","More communication with other groups", etc. Everything was filmed.

We are proud of our Access graduates speaking fluently while dicsussing and reporting the results!

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