Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mismatch Color Day

the most colourful day in my life :)


  1. I'd like to underline that everybody participated in this or that way. Do you see the letters in the stage decoration? Each team has contributed!
    The Cutest Hairdo winner! The Splendid Dancer too!
    Thank you, Kema, our Brilliant Photographer!

  2. thank you, Valentina Michailovna:)
    and i am not so brilliant, i'm just learning:)

  3. The pictures are VERY good!!!!You are doing a good job!!!
    There wer 11 nominations:
    1)The craziest outfit - I do not know who has won it...somebody from yellow team)))
    2)The most mismatching-Arslan(Green)
    3)the cutest one - Altana(Blue)
    4)The coolest one- Elza(Red)
    5)the funniest- Nafanya(I really don't know his real name...)
    6)the most outstanding hair-do - Batyr(Orange)
    7)the brightest and the most attractive - guy from yellow team...
    8)the most creative make-up - Jenya(Green)
    9)the noisest one - councelor Altana
    10) The most colorful one - Temir(Red)
    11)the sunniest - one girl with a BIG hat!!!!

    Our judges- Andrew Moschenko, Andrei Vladimirovich, Michael Freese, Bosya Erendzhenovna.