Saturday, June 20, 2009

Around the English Speaking Countries in One Hour- USA

The activity 'Around the English Speaking Countries in One Hour' concluded our week which was full of events for both teachers and students. Each group was given ten minutes with each teacher who asked them to fulfill a certain task. Teams who visited the station on the USA were tasked with remembering Native American sign language. They first had to work together to determine what they thought different pictures were depicting. To provide a few examples, students had to try and decide on the signs for peace, war, to lie, chief, and a woman. Then as a group, ranging in size from 6-12 today, had to imitate the signs. All the groups were terrific and were so enthusiastic throughout the activity!


  1. Actually, it was very interesting!!!Now I know the sign language of the indian tribe...I think everybody liked it, and we were good. We shoukd do more!

    P.S. Red team is the best...

  2. Today Brats were well-organized, thanks to the guidance of their super-disciplined counselors!